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in michigan could not stop lawmakers from passing bills that hurt union power. this could have a major impact on unions nationwide. the feds accuse a big bank of doing business with iran, cuba and libya and mexican drug cartels to the tune of billions and billions of dollars. who did they arrest? nobody in who are they trying to arrest? nobody. there is a fine. we will get to that. put down the cough syrup. pick up chocolate candy. researchers say chocolate could be more effective treatment in treating the common cough. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, a major blow to labor unions wait for the michigan governor's signature. today, state lawmakers pass add measure that weakens labor unions while crowds of protesters rallied need and outside the statehouse. the demonstration is getting ugly. get the [blank] camera. >>shepard: the demonstrators are fighting the republican legislature and republican governor who says he will sign the so-called right-to-work bill into law. it would make it illegal to force
this is essentially a 30-day extension for the union and the ameritime alliance to work out remaining negotiations. if they don't, we could see this major economic impact coming back again. >> we talked about the billions of dollars this could impact the economy. what other impacts could this have? >> pretty much every american and product in all these containers, they get off-loaded from ships or loaded onto ships. imports and exports. things made in america to sell overseas and things americans want to buy from overseas. electronics, toys, manufactured goods, everything you can think of. a strike all on the east coast and gulf coast would have been far worse on the economy than the one in california. >> there was a strike in long beach in los angeles a few weeks ago. that was just clerks and it cost the area $1 billion a day. >> this just out from the florida governor's office, we are asking the president to pursue any means possible, including invoking the taft hartley act to avoid work stoppage, a shutdown of florida ports is not an option. president obama did not signify how he would have rea
clothing to furniture to tv's hundreds of port workers walked off a week ago. the union says the managers are outsourcing the work to save money. and now to the port in long beach. adam? >>reporter: retailers are starting to be affected. it has been ongoing disagreement for 30 months culminating with how workers walking out, 10,000 long shoremen and they also will not i don't, they will honor the strike taking place by the workers which means this port is shut down. only 10 percent is getting through. this is a long beach portion. long beach and los angeles, together, the largest port complex in the country with 40 percent of container traffic coming through here. just offshore that ship, one of 20 that has been sitting out there has been out there for a week waiting to come in. we talked with the port of long beach and the port of los angeles and they are on the outside looking in and are frustrated. this is really starting to affect everyone in the country not just the local communities. >> it is not only cargo coming into the port but cargo that is coming from the land sid
-sex marriage unions. we got the word and our correspondent is with us on the phone now. shannon, what is the story? >>shannon: they decided to take up to different gay marriage cases. you mention the one from california, you may remember proposition eight. the voters passed a measure that allows only the recognition of one man, one woman as a "marriage." a federal court overturned that. that want on appeal to the supreme court and they decided they will weigh in on that fight. in addition there were eight cases on the diagnosis -- the docket on the defense of marriage act and a portion only recognizes marriage as between a man and a woman and has been challenged dozens of times. they agreed to take up a case dealing with defense of marriage act. two different cases but both going to the same issues. they are different on technical and legal points but the bottom line is the same and the court has told us it will hear two gay marriage cases and we expect the earliest to get on the calendar is march of 2013 so that means we will have a decision like we did with the president's health ca
threatening phone calls from inside the prison. the first one demanded she send $1,800 to western union or her son would be killed. here's what she told thus morning. >> it was the longest night of my life. i was physically ill all night waiting for the next call. they would call back and we tried to stall them to give the embassy time to get him isolated. >> reporter: they did get him isolated. jon hammar was moved out of the general population into a makeshift storage room. >> gretchen: then we got the reports he was chained possibly to a bed. is that still the case? >> reporter: it has been the case in the past. we spoke to his lawyer in mexico city today who said for a time he was chained to the bed. we spoke jon's father who visited him at the prison and he said jon was chained to a bed during that time. his father said the mexican prison guards were afraid jon would try to escape. >> they chained him to the bed so they could feel safe he was not going to run away and they get in trouble. >> reporter: the family says the gun jon brought to mexico was a 60-year-old sears and roebuck rifle
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5